Cody Draiken - Not Too Drunk To Dance

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Cody Draiken - Not Too Drunk To Dance

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Broken bottles on the floor
Take over and lose control
Lose control, lose control

Of age or fake ids
Don't pass out from all the alcohol
Alcohol, alcohol

Arch your back
Open wide
Let it, let it, let it slide
Feel the burn
It's the best
Let your body do the rest

We're not too drunk to dance
Take this shot to make it last
Put the bass up on blast
Cuz we're not too drunk to dance

Another round of body shots
Damn this place is getting hot
Getting hot, getting hot

Break a rule or even two
And show these fools what you can do
You can do, you can do
Show them your wicked moves

It's 3am
No time to think
Let our bodies, bodies, bodies speak
Make some noise
Lock the door
Whow, our clothes just met the floor

Tell me what you're gonna do
When you are all black and blue
Throw up all over you
Ew ew ew
Shake me up and you'll see
I'm like your martini
Heard you like them dirty

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