Munruthel - ВЕРОломство / CREEDamage

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Munruthel - ВЕРОломство / CREEDamage

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Oak groves, glacial springs, breath of winds
Are fanes o'mine... How you could forget?
Makosh's tears... Run through lead cloud-lids
Drops fall like life seeds to earth mothers womb

Soar high in thoughts to the azure lucid dome
To my temples - Where roaming souls' trace is effaced
Odes 're versified not for 'The Lamb' but the star of day
Stellar isinglass stones 're scattered in the ardent chasm space

Zealots of faith leading mankind to its ruin
Is there in your bible any word about my shrines???
You forgot in essenian fables about the natures grandeur
Thralls, lets glorify 'Lord' in your feeble cries

Temples of mine... White towers, peaks touching the sky
Vast steps bear the power of epochs gone by
Tree-idols... 're inearthed, stand alone sunk to one side
Own names 're almost forgotten, unheard by the gods...

Fanes o'mine... 're cut, stubbed, torn out, drained
By a flock of sheep trusty in life in Eden of Christ
My faith... 's broken, trampled, burnt, blamed
And here just one of hundred is worthy of life

Breathe with the full moon, think by the universe
Flow with the rivers and then - To the seas
Caress with winds a golden grain field
Here's your life, here's your creed

Клип Munruthel -- ВЕРОломство

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