My Autumn - Faceless

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My Autumn - Faceless

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We're all plunged into our selfishness
Consider that we are perfect in all
And we don't notice our careless mistakes
Our careless mistakes day after day

There was a guy, who never missed a party
He wanted to be special, like an idol for his friends
He thought that he was different from the others
From a dozen thousand faceless people

He looked so perfect, but inside
One more soul that's not alive
It is so hard to find a personality around
An empty heart is now the symbol of our days.

We're all so special, but we forgot in what
We show off with things that cost nothing at all,
Trying to catch up with the fame
We lose the real meaning of our lives.

A new night's coming after day
He is always at a party
But he becomes a friend
A close friend to nobody

'Cause everybody sees
The emptiness within.

What kind of future will await us
How will the other generations live?
While a gorgeous image costs much more than a soul
Than your soul that is crippled from inside.

You need to know
That after death your clothes will fade without a trace
And nothing will remind that you were here
In case you don't perform the little deeds
And therefore stay in humans' minds and hearts.

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