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Neon Tiger - Cheeky monkey  (OST Мамочки на СТС)

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Дата добавления: 2018-07-13
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Текст песни:

You made me cry
You made me hide
You made me leave this place
My brain says I
Will not survive
It's just my mind games

She's cheeky monkey covered in glitter
Cheeky cheeky monkey
Bitter kisses bitter
Boom boom boom
Listen to my heart
It's like a bass drum
Boom boom boom
It's loud and hard
You better run better
You better hide

Swear no regrets
No stupid threats
We'll bury all our memories
You are your worst own enemy
This is the way
It's gonna be

She held your hand not like your friend
Destroying what I tried to save
She'll put you on her tiny tong
And swallow with your bones and brains

Клип Мамочки, 2 сезон, 15 серия

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